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ActiveX Control

ActiveX is a tool developed by Microsoft that is used in web page viewing that creates a more user friendly environment, but it can also allow spyware and viruses to enter your computer. If the website you are viewing is safe ActiveX can make your internet surfing experience much more enjoyable.

When browsing the internet we recommend that you make sure the website you're on is safe before you allow the ActiveX control to run. A information bar will appear on the top of the web page window if ActiveX is present.

Our website is completely safe and to fully utilize our site's potential, we ask that you allow your internet browser to run ActiveX.

*To learn more about ActiveX, click here.



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Welcome to the Northwood Computer website. To view current specials, visit the Specials page.

The newest addition to the site is the download of our official wallpapers. More may be coming soon so check back often.

Right click on the resolution that suits your individual monitor and click "save picture as". Once its saved to a specific location it will be viewable.

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Below is a picture of Northwood Computer, it is located on State Road 124 in Bluffton. For more info on where to find us, visit the Contact Us page.

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Spyware and Virus News

Spyware and Viruses run rampant in the world creating problems for users at home as well as in corporate environments. Protection against these outbreaks is an important part of the computing process. For a list of the products and services that we offer as well as other very useful documentation, please visit our Knowledge Base page.

Keep Spyware Out

Northwood Computer Information

We have been serving the community since 1996 with quality tech work and service. Come to us with all of your techonological questions. We will help you find a solution that works for you.

We specialize in the sales and service of all Dell systems but also will repair any Microsoft Windows based system. We can also do custom computer builds for the extremely high end system.

Visit the Contact Us page for information about our hours and our representatives. We can't wait to hear from you.

We Sell Dell

We stock Dell quality desktops and notebooks as well as printers and other accessories.

Grand Conyon 2005 - taken by Jack Cator

Software News

We now offer Windows 7© featuring the new Aero interface. Vista is the latest, most advanced operating system to
be released by Microsoft.

Microsoft's Windows Vista Website

Google Search
Internet Speed Test

Speakeasy Speed Test

Test the speed of your internet with every major server in the United States. Make sure you're getting what you pay for.

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